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Axles / Axle body for Audi TT 8N 2 motor wheels

Train arrière / Corps de train pour Audi TT 8N 2 roues motrices View larger

item may differ from photograph


Second-hand axles, sold without brake

Abs sensor left gratuitously

Item with three-month guarantee

For the following car:

- Audi TT 8N


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350,00 €

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Messagerie simple : delivered between Jeudi 02 Février and Mardi 07 Février price : 54,00 €
Messagerie avec assurance : delivered between Jeudi 02 Février and Mardi 07 Février price : 64,00 €
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Second-hand axles sold wihtout the stirrups,without brake

Checked and controlled at our workshops.

Sold with invoice and three-month guarantee

Delivery cost on pallet by a private transporter 54 euros


All parts must be installed by an automotive professional.
The trader should follow the manufacturer's obligations.
The warranty will be void if all of these conditions are not met.